Hello 2019!

I love lists, I really do. They help me stay on task at times and other times they offer a great reflection. Here is my latest list:

10 things I have done to make the most of 2018

(in no particular order)

1. I made an effort to reach out and connect with other photographers. I truly appreciate the Offbeat group that I belong to and it’s message of ‘community’ rather than ‘competition’. I was able to get out to a few meet up as well as make a new ‘very good’ friend.
2. I discovered that Social Media marketing is tough and that I had a great deal to learn. I hired a fabulous gal, Amanda (Art of Business) to help me learn the ropes. I found ways to streamline and connect more efficiently. I also met a wholesome and brilliant gal, Danielle (unbranded lifestyle) who created my amazing business cards.
3. I photographed so many more families this year and through that I met some awesome people. Each session created a whole new personal connection… I tried to learn the floss (literally keeled over laughing), and high fived with some great little people. I snugged a handful of babies too. Witnessed so much love to make my heart explode.
4. I explored new ideas and techniques… some surprising so successful and others, well, let’s just say there’s still some learning to do.
5. I started the year off with a Storytelling project that connected me with an amazing group of women. I actually didn’t complete the project but rather connected with another facet of myself. Through this experience though I was inspired to do embark on a personal project, photographing ‘The Seasons of Women’. The birthing stage of this project has already helped me to really feel and embrace the seasons in my own life. I can’t wait to see it come alive in 2019.
6. I revamped my website. Still a work in progress but I would be honored if you would let me know what you think.
7. I traveled to The Netherlands, immersed myself in the Dutch culture and happily found the balance between exploring, being present and capturing it all. I expanded my relationship with my mumma, the world and my own roots.
8. I enjoyed connecting with other artists through collaborations and look forward to more of that in the coming year. 
9. I was also incredibly grateful for my camera as it kept me from going down the rabbit hole during an awful bout of depression. This was a tough personal experience for me. I have a deeper sense of understanding and immense compassion for those whom are hurting. Life is so precious.
10. I was kinder to myself this past year, taking extra time for family. Guilt-free!!

My camera has encouraged me to go a little further, try a little harder and be a little more courageous. My camera has brought me to places and experiences where I have met new friends who encouraged me to share my passion. My camera has taught me to be patient, to watch for the moment and wait for the light. To be present.

I am so excited for all that will be captured in 2019 and really looking forward to meeting you!!