Joining you on your journey

Joining you on your journey…


In the beginning…


There is so much love, and after awhile you decide to tie the knot.

Before you know it you are anticipating a new life.
Maybe it will be a wee beautiful daughter or a handsome little man or maybe there's a bigger surprise in store.
Regardless you will be in awe just watching them sleep and explore and grow.

There will be good days.
There will be fun days.
There will be times when it's scary.
… and there will be times when it is just so very hard.
But you will look at those little faces and you will realize how blessed you really are.
To hold them close and to enjoy all the moments with them.

The days are long but the years are short.

before long your babies are grown and graduating. leaving home to start their own journey.
All those years of working hard or running your business begin to pay off when you see them chasing their own dreams.
Then one day they bring home a beautiful grandbaby for you to meet...

you earned this amazing life.
Enjoy it fully.


I am so honored to capture your journey through all of life's seasons.